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1   Link   TR Media
TR Media is the publishing company responsible for Digital Forensics Magazine.
2   Link   (ISC)²®
Headquartered in the United States and with offices in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., (ISC)²®, is the global, not-for-profit leader in educating and certifying information security professionals throughout their careers. We are recognized for Gold Standard certifications and world class education programs.

3   Link   eDEC Faraday Bags. RF Shielded bags for forensically sound evidence collection
eDEC Faraday Bags. RF Shielded bags for forensically sound evidence collection
4   Link   Cyber Degree Hub
5   Link   Guardian Digital Forensics
The home of US-based forensic science podcast. Well worth a listen.
6   Link   Oxygen Software
Oxygen Forensic Suite 2 is a mobile forensic software that goes beyond standard logical analysis of cell phones, smartphones and PDAs.
7   Link   Access Data
AccessData has pioneered digital investigations for more than twenty years, providing the technology and training that empower law enforcement, government agencies and corporations to perform thorough computer investigations of any kind with speed and efficiency. Recognized throughout the world as an industry leader, AccessData delivers state-of-the-art computer forensic, network forensic, password cracking and decryption solutions. Its Forensic Toolkit® and network-enabled enterprise solutions allow organizations to preview, search for, forensically preserve, process and analyze electronic evidence. AccessData’s solutions address criminal and internal investigations, incident response, eDiscovery and information assurance. In addition, AccessData is a leading provider of digital forensics training and certification with its much sought after AccessData Certified Examiner® (ACE®) program.
8   Link   InfinaDyne
InfinaDyne is a small software company that originated outside of Chicago. It was started in 1996 and has focused on CD and DVD related software since then. In 2006 we moved to Chandler, AZ but are still the same company. InfinaDyne has products for both computer forensic professionals and consumers. Our distribution has been built since 1996 with quality products and dedicated customer service.
9   Link   The Sleuth Kit
The Sleuth Kit (previously known as TASK) is a collection of UNIX-based command line file and volume system forensic analysis tools. The file system tools allow you to examine file systems of a suspect computer in a non-intrusive fashion. Because the tools do not rely on the operating system to process the file systems, deleted and hidden content is shown.
10   Link   AcoDisc
We are experts in data recovery and repair of inaccessible, unreadable or deleted data, video, files, pictures, documents, or AutoCad® drawings etc., from optical storage media such as: CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, 3-inch Mini CD-R., (as used in Mavica® digital cameras), Mini DVD-R/RAM Discs (as used in Hitachi® Video Cameras), Home Audio Recording CDs, Compact Flash ™(CF), Smart Media ™ (SSFDC), Sony® memory sticks and PCMCIA ATA Cards.
11   Link   Forensic Toolkit (FTK)
Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®) is recognized around the world as the standard in computer forensics investigation technology. This court-validated digital investigations platform delivers cutting-edge analysis, decryption and password cracking all within an intuitive, customizable and user-friendly interface. FTK 3 is built for speed, analytics and enterprise-class scalability. Known for its intuitive interface, email analysis, customizable data views and stability, FTK lays the framework for seamless expansion, so your computer forensics solution can grow with your organization’s needs. Forensic Toolkit 3 is now the most advanced computer forensics solution available, providing functionality that normally only organizations with tens of thousands of dollars could afford. However, we are committed to making our technology available to all investigators and analysts, whether they are in law enforcement, education, a government agency, a Fortune 500 corporation, or practicing digital investigations as service provider.
12   Link   ISOBuster
Rescue lost files from a bad or trashed CD or DVD or a Blu Ray disc (e.g. BD or HD DVD) ! Save important documents, precious pictures or video from the family, your only system backup, ...
IsoBuster can do it all
13   Link   Forensic 4Cast
Forensics podcasts from Lee Whitfield. A great resource
14   Link   WinHex
WinHex is in its core a universal hexadecimal editor, particularly helpful in the realm of computer forensics, data recovery, low-level data processing, and IT security. An advanced tool for everyday and emergency use: inspect and edit all kinds of files, recover deleted files or lost data from hard drives with corrupt file systems or from digital camera cards.
15   Link   Intaforensics - Experts in Computer Forensics
Intaforensics - Experts in Computer Forensics
16   Link   Evidence Magazine
The Evidence Magazine
17   Link   Elcomsoft
ElcomSoft has been serving the needs of businesses by delivering corporate security and IT audit products. The company helps law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies in criminal investigations with its wide range of computer forensics products.
18   Link   Forensic Toxicology
Extensive information about Forensic Toxicology, jobs and salaries across the industry.
19   Link   Digital Detective
Digital Detective is a provider of leading digital forensic software products designed to deliver superior speed, stability and cutting edge features for the preservation, extraction, analysis and presentation of digital evidence. It is the home of the industry leading forensic Internet history extraction software, NetAnalysis. Digital Detective has been supporting law enforcement in the forensic examination of digital devices since 2002. The software is developed by digital forensics practitioners, for practitioners.
20   Link   InfoSec Reviews
Information Security Product & Service Reviews. By Professionals, for Professionals
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