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Hacking the Human

Full of ideas and angles that turn day-to-day security management on its head. Hacking the Human by Ian Mann.

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Mark Osborne

Mark Osborne is the author of 'How To Cheat at Managing Information Security'


Coming up in the Next issue of Digital Forensics Magazine

Coming up in Issue 24 on sale from August 2015:

BitCoin Targeted Phishing
This feature article is all about BitCoin and a Phishing attack. The article will explain what Bitcoin is and how this phishing attack was targeted at BitCoin. Read More »

Dealing with the ‘Unknown Unknowns’ of Intelligence Data
The article will address how intelligence agencies can use data more effectively to predict and model crime. Read More »

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Finding the relevant artefact in visual content
Jan Willem Klerkx explains how the University of Amsterdam solved the problem of finding relevant artefacts in pictures in an effective way. Read More »

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